Hotels have plenty of walls to spare. And artists have always felt at their ease at Jacob. So what could be more appropriate than making an art collection part of hotel life?

At Hotel Jacob you’re surrounded by art as a matter of course. It’s a living museum but without that dusty museum feel. Perhaps you’d like a brief guided tour? Entering the lobby you immediately see paintings with views of Hamburg and the surrounding area. This is where the collection’s jewel in the crown hangs. A Max Liebermann. The other paintings in the popular haunt are usually by Liebermann’s friends. In the other historical rooms in the hotel, works primarily from the 18th and 19th and early 20th centuries fill the walls.

Every single room is a place for art. Each accommodates two, three or even more graphics with one always by a Hamburg artist. Jacob also has contemporary art treasures. Which are understandably in the newer rooms. Curious? An art folder gives details on all the artists and works.