Until the 1990s, the historic hotel has several swift changes of ownership. It isn’t until 1993 that new owners the Rahe family restore the business to a stable footing.

In just three years the family turns the old Jacob into a contemporary luxury hotel. With an abundance of flair and sensitivity they refurbish, restore and extend the premises. With the historic edifices on the other side of the road, the result is a harmonious style of buildings that enjoy cultural heritage protection. Then they make a discovery. During the restoration process builders uncover an ancient ice cellar. In the past the brick vault served as a fridge, but today special events take place there.

In 1996 the hotel was ceremoniously reopened. As its director, since 1997 Jost Deitmar has given the historic hotel a new lease of life. The 5-star hotel in Hamburg has garnered a number of prestigious awards. Across the globe, it’s also becoming one of the premier hotels. Chef de cuisine, award-winning Thomas Martin, has also played a pivotal role in the hotel’s stellar success.