Unser Sleep & Cruise: Ein Arrangement des Hotels Louis C. Jacob

Sleep & Cruise

Continuously bookable

Ensure you're relaxed when you board your ship. Enjoy a good night's sleep at the Louis C. Jacob before your cruise.

Gourmet Cuisine

Continuously bookable

Peek over the shoulder of Hamburg’s most famous and award winning chef Thomas Martin.

Jacobs kleine Auszeit: Ein Arrangement des Louis C. Jacob

Jacob’s little break

Continuously bookable

Best of Jacob: Our unique package for a true ‘Special price’ is definitely worth the trip!

Spielstätte des Musicals König der Löwen im Hamburger Hafen

Jacob and the Musicals

Continuously bookable

Hamburg is Germany’s musical capital: choose from a variety of high class musicals performed in custom-made theatres. After the musical of your choice you enjoy a peaceful night at the Elbchaussee.